Thursday, June 5, 2014

Teleteria | Teleteria Review | NO Rip Off | NO Scam

Hey everybody in internet land. Jay Servidio and Teleteria rock!!! I got fired from every job I ever had for one reason or the other. I spend MUCH time looking at online porn. I figured I should try to start my own site and try to make some bucks. Its been 5 months now and I have made back the initial 2500.00 I spent plus a few thousand extra for my pocket. I just ordered 3 more sites. Starting to take this very serious. Jay and the crew taught me everything I needed to know. I cant believe how my life has changed since I started in this great business. I read an article in CNN
about Jay Servidio. I was amazed how easy it was to talk to him.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review | Teleteria | 7.24.13

April B from Dallas Texas My husband lost his job and was having a tough time getting a new one. We talked about doing live cam for a while. Even though I have had 2 kids my body still looks great and I am only 36. I get hit on from guys on their 20's all the time. We did some research and found Teleteria. We requested a brochure and got a phone call from Jay Servidio the same day. We also tried to get info from some company in Pa and the guy, I think his name was John, was real vague in answering our questions. We tried from another company and no one called back. We found the staff at Teleteria to be real professional and helpful. Jay especially was informative and direct with us on all our questions and concerns. We were really interested in protecting our privacy and Jay explained that no one would know we owned the site and that the domain would be registered anonymously. That was a huge relief. We were very impressed with his credentials especially the articles written about him and his A rating with the BBB
. We started with one site and I did we cam the day the site came online. I made 650.00 on the first day doing cam. Within 2 weeks we made back our initial investment and ordered 3 more sites. The money is terrific. I dont have to leave home to make money and get to spend tons of time with the kids. My husband spends all day doing the marketing and we are very happy. We never worked together before and its great. We have more time to be a family and more time to have sex. Thank you Teleteria.